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Davison helps people turn their ideas into new products.

For over 20 years, Davison has helped everyday people prepare and present their ideas to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers for possible licensing. The Davison inventing method is responsible for more products in the stores than anyone else in this industry. Our products have sold in 1,000s of locations in over 500 stores

At Davison we will build your product idea into a working prototype or product sample that we can then present to a corporation. We have a highly skilled team of 250 employees, and our team of licensing personnel presents new product ideas to corporations on an ongoing basis. We can't guarantee that an invention will be licensed by a corporation, but we do believe that if you're going to pursue a new product idea, you should do it with experience behind you. Our company has that experience.

Product idea security and confidentiality is our #1 priority. For over 20 years thousands of people have entrusted us with their ideas. Before we can speak to you about your idea, we must have received your confidentiality agreement. This legally binding agreement states we will not sell or develop your idea without your express written consent. Once again, the protection of your idea is our top priority, and we ask you not to mention any specific details about your idea until you have completed the confidentiality agreement.

Thank you for considering Davison, and we hope you choose the Davison method for developing your idea.

Disclaimer: Davison provides services to professionally prepare and present product ideas to potential licensees. Some services are provided for a contingent fee, or a percentage of royalties obtained by the client, and some services are provided for an upfront fee paid by the client. Davison does not perform analysis of the potential feasibility, marketability, patentability or profitability of ideas submitted to it. New product development is an uncertain endeavor and Davison does not represent or guarantee, expressly or impliedly, that an idea submitted to it will be licensed, sell on any market or provide a positive return to the inventor on money spent for development.