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Applying for a Patent

You've did all your research and homework and discovered that you do indeed have an idea or product that you can patent. This requires filling out a patent application and submitting it, with the required fee, to a Patent Office. If you were applying for a patent in the United States, you would submit your application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Verbiage is Everything

A patent application is a legal document and, like any legal document, must be filled out accurately and completely. The better job you do filling out your application, the better protection you'll be giving your patent. Your patent is a contract used to describe your invention and verbiage really is everything. Your wording must be accurate and descriptive.......More>>

How to File the Patent Application

It's highly recommended that you not file the first copy of the patent application. Make a rough draft and do a preliminary search for prior art. Once that's completed, take your paperwork to whomever you're having do the final proof. This may seem time consuming, but will save you money in the end. Make sure you do understand all the risks of self-patenting. You may find it beneficial to read Patent It Yourself if you are considering doing the patenting yourself.......More>>

Filing a Patent Application for a Utility Patent

It can take up 36 months for a patent application to be granted. It's not unusual for a patent application to be rejected the first time, requiring the applicant to amend the claims and appeal. Therefore, it's extremely important that you understand as much as possible about the process.......More>>